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3D Printer



Messaging App - FerdiEarth
Ferdi is a open source messaging browser that allows you to combine your favorite messaging services into one application.

CAD - FreeCADEarth
FreeCAD is a open source 3D parametric modeler.

Time Tracking - KIMAIEarth
Kimai is a simple, open source, multi-user time tracking web-app that makes time tracking and creating invoices simple.

Password Manager - BitwardenEarth
Bitwarden is a open source password manager, that makes it easy to generate and store unique passwords for any browser or device.


I try to find small and medium business that provide better prices and quality than you would get from e.g. Amazon

Metal Hardware - SchraubenkingAustria
Especially good when stainless steel hardware is needed, but also provides galvanized hardware. Also provides dowels, some gear for ropes and a small selection of tools.

Ropes - KANIROPEGermany
Ropes in every shape and size as well as climbing gear.

Job Platforms

Jobs for Students - TaltoAustria
Jobs for students and people starting their career.

Free Job Platform - IndeedUSA
Is a job platform where jobs can be advertised for free.

Salary Comparison - ottaAustria
Salary comparison and job platform for the most innovative companies.

Final Notes: I am not affiliated with the listed companies, I just list them here because I believe they provide good products and services. All aliexpress links are affiliate links. I promote only products that I genuinely believe in and use in my projects.

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